Measuring the Success of a Feature

Step 1: Measure basic usage of the new feature

First, you need to answer the most basic question: are people using the feature?

There are a few key metrics you should look at to get a complete answer to that question:

  • total number of times people are using the feature
  • the number of unique users who are using the feature
  • the percentage of your total active users who are using the feature
  • the average number of times per day users are using the feature

Step 2: Dig deeper into event properties to look for patterns

Now it’s time to learn more about how people are using the new sharing feature. In your app, people can share different types of content: either an individual track, a whole album, or a playlist. You’re interested in seeing what type of content your users are sharing.

Step 3: Understand what users are doing right before using the feature

It’s helpful to trace the paths that users take in your app.

Some analytics platforms, including Amplitude, provide event flows that help you visualize users’ sequences of actions.

Step 4: Build a behavioral cohort of people who used the feature to analyze how they compare to your overall user population

use this cohort in Steps 5-7 to measure how how users who share contents might differ for key metrics like conversion, retention, and engagement.

Step 5: Analyze the impact of the new feature on retention

User retention is critical to the success of any app. The more your app becomes an ingrained habit for your users, the more time you have to upsell them and monetize them.

To measure the impact of sharing on retention, you can compare the retention of the cohort of users who shared music vs. those who did not. One way to do this is to look specifically at new user retention: do new users who share music early in their experience (like their first day), retain better than new users who don’t share music?

Step 6: Measure the impact of the new feature on your key conversion funnels.

It’s fantastic that it correlates with higher retention; does sharing have a similar impact on your company’s revenue?

Step 7: Measure the impact of your new feature on engagement

Now that you’ve seen the impact sharing has on conversion and retention, you’re curious whether users who share music are more engaged with your mobile app overall. One way to look at this is the number of sessions each user does per day.

You can also look at the ‘stickiness’ of users who share. We define stickiness as the percentage of users who are active at least n days out of a week.

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